Just The Right Words – John Crittenden, Copywriter, Web Site Copywriter, New York, Jersey City, Hoboken

Make Me Your Word Man

You may be clear about your message, but do you have just the right words? Words that are direct, compelling and persuasive? As an award-winning editor with abundant real-life experience, I stand ready to help.

I’ll edit and improve any copy you already have. I’ll create copy from your raw material that will draw people to you. I’ll customize content to your web design, if you have one, and sharpen your concepts if you don’t.  My services are provided to a select number of clients each year, and together we create success stories.

Know that I’ve been able to handle everything ever pitched at me, usually with a smile. Fellow writers and editors and other colleagues love me. Whatever the project, large or small, I stay focused on the client’s needs, with good give and take until they’re satisfied. My clients never complain about being kept in the dark.

For 10 years early in my career, I was an entertainment critic, wrote feature stories of all kinds, and interviewed stars – everyone from Alvin Ailey to Max von Sydow to Debbie Reynolds, from Judy Collins to Patti LaBelle to Donald O’Connor, from Audrey Hepburn to Jodie Foster to Benji the Dog. It was glamorous and fun, and I learned a lot. There’s not been a workday since that I’ve not spent streamlining stories so they’re a pleasure to read and then crafting headlines that sizzle. That’s what a gifted writer and editor does.

Over the past few years, I’ve also been making successes happen on the Web. It’s an ever-evolving realm where original thinking is rewarded, and expected, but if you’re doing e-commerce or promoting something the copy has to be just right or you lose. Typos and bad grammar, too many words, too much repetition? Your audience is gone.

I’ve found my ability to quickly turn copy around — while always thinking visually — serves Web clients especially well. While I continue to welcome all kinds of projects, hammering out web copy is my current focus.

So check my portfolio and think about the things I might do for you. Do you have products or services to market? Literary projects? A newsletter to edit? Campaigns to get rolling? Let’s get started slinging ideas around! We’ll soon have just the right words to give you your best shot at exceeding your own expectations.