Just The Right Words – John Crittenden, Copywriter, Web Site Copywriter, New York, Jersey City, Hoboken

February 21, 2013
by admin

Questions! You’ve got questions

Choosing someone to work with is seldom easy. And if you’re hiring someone to write for you, put your thoughts into words, pitch your business, perhaps even sound like you on the printed page or on the web, connecting with the right person for the job can seem daunting.

Just to get your thought processes whirring, here are some questions (besides the basics) that you might consider asking me – or anyone you might consider hiring for any creative project:

Are you willing to challenge conventional thinking, including my own? Are you willing to be my sounding board as we work together? Willing to do research about my field and learn about my company, my brand, the results I’ve gotten before?

How quickly do you work? Can you give me a realistic estimate of the time my project will take? Will I be your only current client, one of six, or No. 27? When you ask me something, how quickly do you need a response? What are your billing practices? Are you willing to work on a pay-as-we-go basis on a long project?

Since ours will be a “one hand washes the other” relationship, what do I need to do to end up being one of your favorite clients?

A real professional will be able to answer such questions. If you get hesitant and inarticulate answers, move on.