Just The Right Words – John Crittenden, Copywriter, Web Site Copywriter, New York, Jersey City, Hoboken


Prepare to be dazzled:

I wrote the script for this Flash piece targeting soccer league administrators, explaining how much easier managing their teams will be if they use the client’s system on the net instead of depending on word of mouth and their telephones.

Nearpost – click on ‘see it now’ – Flash Presentation

Lawyers are people too:

I edited and polished all the copy on this super-successful site that matches law firms with lawyers.

Florence Pape Legal Search

The right recipe:

I whipped up the copy for this bakery’s site, and the stats indicate visitors stay longer and view more pages than on bakery sites with too much copy, or too little. In the first month, orders came from Ireland, Britain and Germany for NY-NJ-PA delivery. Just the right words get global business for a “local” entrepreneur.

Goehrig’s Bakery

Top tea tipster:

Elizabeth Knight, a tea master and author of four books on tea and hospitality, trusted me to be her editor on “Celtic Teas With Friends.” Packed with cultural facts, lore and recipes, Elizabeth’s splendidly realized volume was nominated for a Beard Award and won a Graphic Design USA award for designer Susan Newman.

Tea With Friends

Tales of wagging tails:

Each of the past three years I’ve shed tears – good, enlivening ones – doing the copy for Liberty Humane Society’s annual fundraising calendar. Photographer Shaina Fishman shoots dynamic studio portraits of adopted cats and dogs, and I shape factoids provided by their new owners into mini-stories of animal and human lives transformed by love. Each must be a jewel that not only tugs the heart but stands up to repeated reading during its month on the wall.

Liberty Humane Society 2013 Calendar